Acting the Role!  Teams become the staff advisors for a mock Member of Congress, seeing the bio of their new boss for the first time as the game begins.

Welcome to your freshman year! What committees will you choose?  Who will lead your staff?  How do you use your time?  Will your voters back home even notice?

Vote!  Your conscience? The polls?  The party line?  Can you get your teammates to agree with your choice? 

Clock is ticking!  Every minute spent could put you closer to re-claiming your seat in Congress.  Or not.  Will you send the boss to the phone bank to raise campaign money or to a charitable event where the cameras may catch him doing good?  Meet with the hometown family on spring vacation or show up at the Speaker's inside strategy meeting? 

Reality intrudes! Even the best plans get interrupted by headlines of the day.  Wars! Natural disasters! Political scandals!  A decision which seemed right in the morning could be disastrous by afternoon. 

The finish line at last....ELECTION NIGHT! You and your team of "staffers" are on your feet as the votes tally towards a win or loss.  Did you make the right choices?  Did the voters take note?  Congratulations!… want to run again?


Who is your target market?

How many participants can be involved in the simulation?

Where do you host the simulations?

How long does each simulation last?
2-3 Hours

How are the choices and winners determined?

Is this software or cloud-based?

Do you provide all A/V setup?

How much does a simulation cost?